The search may be over…

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10 thoughts on “The search may be over…

  1. Player Softball: I am a player for softball wanting to play catcher, or shortstop. Really good hitter lots of experience on different positions. Willing to work with any one. If you could reach out to me at 417-529-9168

  2. Player Softball: I have an 09 player looking for a team since her old one fizzled out. I know she is a little younger but she loves the game and has a natural talent for it. If you’re ok with her age my number is 417-793-5086

  3. Player Softball: Would be interested in Webb City team. We live in Carthage and my daughters birthday is 10/15/07. She is little but quick!! Please contact me with any information at 417-793-1048.

  4. Team Softball: Looking to start a Webb City based fast pitch softball team 14u preferable 2007 birthday. Looking for all positions and if all works out a non parent head coach. Goal is to help with the HS team and to keep them together through the years.
    Email Harold at

  5. Player Softball: My daughter is very interested in joining your team. Born in 05’ she will turn 15 in July. She works extremely hard and appreciates this opportunity. Let us know the details. Thank you. Shaun Smith 417-793-0599

  6. Player Baseball: Looking for a 18u baseball position is pitcher & first base Joplin area call or text @ 620-387-0992

  7. Player Softball: My daughter is looking for a local travel softball team made up of the surrounding Webb city , Mo, area. My daughter is 14 and has played up in tournaments in the past. My daughter has most experience as a catcher and as well as 2nd base along with outfield. She is a hard worker and anxious to get back goin in softball. Please if someone is interested we’re willing to give it a try!! Please text or call (417)622-6991…… is Zach

  8. Player Softball: My daughter will be 13 in April. Looking for a softball team since she aged out of league ball. She has experience at most positions and has super speed.

  9. Player Baseball: My son is looking for a 12u team to play on. He can play MI & OF positions. Has played in Carthage Youth Baseball since age 4. Thanks. Shaun Smith 417-793-0599

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