The search may be over…

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13 thoughts on “The search may be over…

  1. Gotcha. Let me know if you find something that could take a second player, like a fall ball team or a forming team for spring of 2022. Most spring of 2021 teams are probably set and playing games by now. But you never know, there are always teams that have unexpected breakups and / or are playing with the bare minimum and want some depth. Regratably, there are injuries and illnesses that arise as well. Also, with a base of two, we could form a team. I’ve done 8u (fall), 9u (fall), & 9u (spring) baseball teams, so I know some of the ropes. I can’t be lead or second lead but I could help a little. A consultant to smooth out the course a little. It’s really not that hard, especially at the younger ages. I’ll get back to you on the soccer. I do know some, but I think the prospects are pretty slim.

  2. She’s on at the Joplin softball ledge but really want to do more competitive ledge. We are Joplin address but Carl Junction school district.. hope there is something around here. Do you happen to know anything about traveling soccer?

  3. Don’t know, but let me know if they have room for a second player. I haven’t heard anything back from my post many days ago. For town ball, Webb city, Joplin, and Carthage have closed their registration and / or are full. Carl Junction should still be open for registration (? until April 18?) and they are happy to take kids from other towns. We are from Webb and they let us register 2 girls, no problem. Call me if / when / as needed. 4177184950. Happy to help. I love baseball / softball.

  4. Where can I find a softball traveling team for my 9 year? We just moved to the Joplin area and are looking for a team!!

  5. 9U softball player looking for a team, preferably out of the Webb City / Joplin / CJ area. Turns 10 on 12/19/2021. Good basic skills. Catches well. Throws well. Hits well. Hand – eye excellent, esp. w/ bat, and can hit them hard. Call, text, or e-mail 417-718-4950.

  6. 14U or 16U softball player looking for a team. Plays short stop, third base, outfield, and catcher. If any teams needing to add to their roster please contact

  7. 14u Baseball Tryouts
    Location: Playmakers
    Date: 1/16/21
    Time: 1:00 – 2:00

    We have 2-3 open roster spots for the 2021 season. Primarily looking for catchers, pitchers, and outfielders; will consider all positions and utility players as well.
    We play USSSA and Unsanctioned Open Tournaments within 2 hours of Joplin from mid/late March to the end of June.

    Please RSVP via email to

  8. 9u team looking for 2 more boys for the 2021 spring/summer season. We will start tournaments the last week February. Contact me @ 417-622-6651

  9. 14U Baseball Team: Looking for players to fill out team for 2021 spring/summer season (March through June). Looking for Catcher(s), Pitcher(s), and Outfield primarily but all positions considered. Contact:

  10. 16 yr old baseball player looking to play next summer switch hits throws right of and catcher pitches a little but can play most any where has play several years in triple a ball

  11. Player baseball: will be 13 in a few weeks utility player looking for a tryout can play any position is s ok pitcher text or call 620 -875-684….. my name is courtland

  12. Player Baseball: Looking for a fall baseball team for my 17 year old the plays OF and 3rd can also pitch.
    Text 620-875-0552

  13. Player Baseball: turns 13 by the end of this month. Looking for fall ball / travel / comp. team. Willing to wait for spring ball, if we have to. Fast, tough, high baseball IQ, excellent hand – eye. Has played all positions but strongest at 1B then C then OF. Can “keep up” at IF & P, though. Call Glenn at 417-718-4950 (voice preferred)

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