The search may be over…

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7 thoughts on “The search may be over…

  1. 14u Baseball Tryouts
    Location: Playmakers
    Date: 1/16/21
    Time: 1:00 – 2:00

    We have 2-3 open roster spots for the 2021 season. Primarily looking for catchers, pitchers, and outfielders; will consider all positions and utility players as well.
    We play USSSA and Unsanctioned Open Tournaments within 2 hours of Joplin from mid/late March to the end of June.

    Please RSVP via email to

  2. 9u team looking for 2 more boys for the 2021 spring/summer season. We will start tournaments the last week February. Contact me @ 417-622-6651

  3. 14U Baseball Team: Looking for players to fill out team for 2021 spring/summer season (March through June). Looking for Catcher(s), Pitcher(s), and Outfield primarily but all positions considered. Contact:

  4. 16 yr old baseball player looking to play next summer switch hits throws right of and catcher pitches a little but can play most any where has play several years in triple a ball

  5. Player baseball: will be 13 in a few weeks utility player looking for a tryout can play any position is s ok pitcher text or call 620 -875-684….. my name is courtland

  6. Player Baseball: Looking for a fall baseball team for my 17 year old the plays OF and 3rd can also pitch.
    Text 620-875-0552

  7. Player Baseball: turns 13 by the end of this month. Looking for fall ball / travel / comp. team. Willing to wait for spring ball, if we have to. Fast, tough, high baseball IQ, excellent hand – eye. Has played all positions but strongest at 1B then C then OF. Can “keep up” at IF & P, though. Call Glenn at 417-718-4950 (voice preferred)

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