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Alex Brake ~ Offering Softball Pitching Lessons Alex has extensive experience with all age groups of pitchers. Her goal is to help players learn the basic skills and transform them into an elite, well-rounded pitcher. Alex enjoys teaching fundamentals as well as spins, conditioning drills, and mental aspects of the game.

Sidnie Hurst ~ Offering Softball Hitting & Slapping Lessons With high energy and positivity, Sidnie teaches the techniques required to be an effective hitter. As a current collegiate player, Sidnie can show and tell, providing comprehensive instruction.

Leighton Withers ~ Offering Softball Hitting & Fielding Lessons Leighton provides specific guidance to players that enable them to maximize power, improve and feel comfortable. As a current collegiate player, Leighton’s demonstrative teaching style facilitates an easy player connection.

Maddy Cole ~ Offering Softball Pitching, Hitting & Fielding Lessons Maddy is a Senior at Galena High School and she can reiterate the years of lessons she has received with patience and positivity. “The game within the game is what keeps me striving and to pass that on to other players is such a great honor.”

Nicole Hudson Entz ~ Offering Softball Clinics Nicole specializes in teaching hitting mechanics, but also has high level experience in pitching, outfield and corner infield. By playing at the highest level, she offers valuable insight into not only the physical, but the mental components of the game as well.

Kash Beauchamp – Offering Baseball & Softball Hitting & Fielding Lessons A vast career in baseball as a pro player and coach has blessed Kash with the knowledge to improve player skills, both physical and mental. His techniques provide players the tools needed to practice and perform effectively.

Aaron Hassell – Offering Baseball Pitching & Hitting Lessons Being a collegiate pitcher has provided Aaron with meaningful information. By pairing this information with instruction, Aaron provides guidance to players that is easy to understand.

Troy Scribner – Offering Baseball Pitching Lessons to Players Ages 12+ Being a professional pitcher for 7 years with four organizations, Troy has acquired significant pitching knowledge. Using a comprehensive system, his detailed instructions give players extensive information to become better.

Tommy Stevenson – Offering Baseball & Softball Catcher Lessons and Baseball Hitting Lessons As a current collegiate player, Tommy provides instruction using real-time skills and drills. His teaching approach makes players feel comfortable while learning. Tommy is available August through January.

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